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iFratelli: Cole Family Business Practices May Finally Be Catching Up to Them


Dallas, Texas - Four brothers who own the popular pizza franchise iFratelli Pizza are facing legal troubles over allegations of illegal business practices and involvement in payday lending.

The Cole brothers, who founded iFratelli Pizza in 2007 and have since expanded to multiple locations in Texas, are being sued by former employees who claim that the company violated labor laws and engaged in discriminatory practices. The lawsuit alleges that iFratelli Pizza failed to pay overtime, did not provide meal or rest breaks, and discriminated against female employees.

In addition to the labor lawsuit, the brothers are under investigation for their alleged involvement in illegal payday lending. According to sources close to the investigation, the brothers used their pizza business as a front for a payday lending operation, offering high-interest loans to customers who were unable to pay their bills. The investigation is ongoing, and the brothers have not yet been charged with any crimes.

To make matters worse, the Cole brothers are also being sued in multiple civil actions ranging from fraud to personal injury. The allegations against iFratelli Pizza and the Cole brothers have caused concern among investors, customers and employees, who are calling for transparency and accountability from the company.

"We want to know that we are supporting a business that operates with integrity and treats its employees fairly," said a customer of iFratelli Pizza. "These allegations are concerning, and we hope that the company will take the necessary steps to address them."

The labor lawsuit and investigation into the brothers' alleged involvement in payday lending scams are ongoing. The company has not yet commented on the specific allegations and has not released a timeline for resolving the legal issues.


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